Bringing Memories to Life


Bringing Memories to Life
January 28 – February 3, 2014 10am – 7:30pm

We are pleased to present this collection by four women whose diverse styles of art come together
through the motif of memory. Bringing memories to life through many different filters, these artists
recreate experiences and moments from daily life—scenery imbued with a sense of remembrance.

The works presented here feature a range of styles including collages, graphic, hand-drawing, embroidery
on canvas. The design of these reconstructed memories may look simple: after all, they originate from
simple experiences. But they are also nuanced and perhaps ambiguous as they weave pieces of the past
into something that feels more real than reality. Through this collection, spectators can relive their own
memories. Perhaps you, too, have memories that, through the way they look and feel, connect you to the
artists’ own recollections.

We hope that these artists, whose collections erase the boundary between ordinary and extraordinary and
highlight the connections between all of us, invoke in everyone who views their work a sense of the power
of imagination and memory.