Jumping Out of the Pages, New Creations


Jumping Out of the Pages, New Creations
March 12 – March 21, 2013 10am – 7:30pm

Many artists today work as illustrators for magazines, books, and the like. And via the pages of these
publications, while they take on the role of visual communicators, they are at the same time expressing
their unique worldview as artists. With this theme, we present to you an art exhibition featuring five
talented artists who have bright futures ahead of them.
The art here exhibits all sorts of styles, from pieces that while quaint and precious have within them
a certain maliciousness, creating a mysterious fusion; to fleeting landscapes painted in acryllic; to
three-dimensional sculpture made out of clay, going beyond just flat surfaces. They are all unique
productions with original approaches. And thanks to this freedom with which the artists create their
works, they are able to express their idiosyncratic individuality.
At this exhibition, we have included original works that have been featured in published work, two- and
three-dimensional art, collages, and so on, all available to view and purchase. We hope that you enjoy
the art on display here, and perhaps find pieces with which you personally connect. We hope that you will
have the time to visit and be a part of this exhibition, where you can share the time and space with these
creative works.