tokyo fantasy

Tokyo Fantasy
October 23 – October 29, 2013 10:30am – 8pm (Last day until 4pm)
Gallery Talk Show October 23, 2013 2pm – 3pm

Music resounds through the night from speakers amidst countless glittering neon lights.
New buildings rise one after the other, and then demolished with the same speed. Light
and sound reflect loudly off bustling cars. This is a city where the old and new, and light
and shadow exist together, and appears disoriented with the accumulation of many artificial
things, yet has a sparkling, mysterious look to it. This place, Tokyo, is truly like a fantasy

Today, people are linked to each other and the rest of the world through the Internet.
People commute in and out of cities, and go through many distractions in their daily lives.
Tokyo culture has become ubiquitous, and with the increase in complexity has brought about a
multitude of points of view, new ways of understanding.
Within this sparkling, shining city lies a perennial gray, a nebulous unease about the unforeseeable
future. Here lives a society that is so saturated with information from every direction that it is
hard to see what has meaning and value.

The energy that we find ourselves steeped in has created an awareness of fantasy within ourselves.
It evokes feelings of unfathomable beauty, distant memories, things non-human, expressing a more
exact shape of the inner world. We look for hope within this fantasy. Within the fantasy, we long
to search for truth. All of these things overflow into the outside world and blur the line between
fantasy and reality, creating the intangible harmony and staggering fantasy world that is Tokyo.

Artists: Mayumi Tsuzuki / Masato Yamaguchi / Ayaka Watahiki /
Camomile Hixon / Savako / Walrus The Tsutsui / Yu Sora /