Bringing Memories to Life
January 28 – February 3, 2014 10am – 7:30pm

We are pleased to present this collection by four women whose diverse styles of art come together
through the motif of memory. Bringing memories to life through many different filters, these artists
recreate experiences and moments from daily life—scenery imbued with a sense of remembrance.

The works presented here feature a range of styles including collages, graphic, hand-drawing, embroidery
on canvas. The design of these reconstructed memories may look simple: after all, they originate from
simple experiences. But they are also nuanced and perhaps ambiguous as they weave pieces of the past
into something that feels more real than reality. Through this collection, spectators can relive their own
memories. Perhaps you, too, have memories that, through the way they look and feel, connect you to the
artists’ own recollections.

We hope that these artists, whose collections erase the boundary between ordinary and extraordinary and
highlight the connections between all of us, invoke in everyone who views their work a sense of the power
of imagination and memory.

SCOPE Miami Beach

Giant Mango will be participating in SCOPE Miami Beach 2013. Giant Mango Booth# H05.
The fair will take place on the sands of Miami Beach. Scope Miami Beach pavilion will
feature an outdoor beach lounge and stunning view of the ocean, nestled amongst the
iconic architecture of Ocean Drive at 10th Street.

Welcoming 100 International Exhibitors and 15 Breeder Program galleries, SCOPE Miami
Beach will also feature a wide range of curated projects, sponsor programs and Platinum
VIP tours. With an emphasis on activating emerging galleries and artists, attendees to
SCOPE are seasoned collectors, curators, and tastemakers looking for new discovery.

The fair will be running from 3-8 December 2013
(Platinum Preview Gala opens on Thursday 2 December).


tokyo fantasy

Tokyo Fantasy
October 23 – October 29, 2013 10:30am – 8pm (Last day until 4pm)
Gallery Talk Show October 23, 2013 2pm – 3pm

Music resounds through the night from speakers amidst countless glittering neon lights.
New buildings rise one after the other, and then demolished with the same speed. Light
and sound reflect loudly off bustling cars. This is a city where the old and new, and light
and shadow exist together, and appears disoriented with the accumulation of many artificial
things, yet has a sparkling, mysterious look to it. This place, Tokyo, is truly like a fantasy

Today, people are linked to each other and the rest of the world through the Internet.
People commute in and out of cities, and go through many distractions in their daily lives.
Tokyo culture has become ubiquitous, and with the increase in complexity has brought about a
multitude of points of view, new ways of understanding.
Within this sparkling, shining city lies a perennial gray, a nebulous unease about the unforeseeable
future. Here lives a society that is so saturated with information from every direction that it is
hard to see what has meaning and value.

The energy that we find ourselves steeped in has created an awareness of fantasy within ourselves.
It evokes feelings of unfathomable beauty, distant memories, things non-human, expressing a more
exact shape of the inner world. We look for hope within this fantasy. Within the fantasy, we long
to search for truth. All of these things overflow into the outside world and blur the line between
fantasy and reality, creating the intangible harmony and staggering fantasy world that is Tokyo.

Artists: Mayumi Tsuzuki / Masato Yamaguchi / Ayaka Watahiki /
Camomile Hixon / Savako / Walrus The Tsutsui / Yu Sora /


Akinori Tanaka Solo Exhibition@La Maison Franco-Japonaise
October 28 – November 9, 2013 10am – 6pm (closed Sunday)
Vernissage October 28, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Beginning with Les Cristallines in Tokyo’s Aoyama, owner and chef Akinori Tanaka
has opened French restaurants in the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts of Japan’s capital,
as well. Tanaka began painting with the idea of decorating his own restaurants.
The paintings feature fun uses of his knowledge from his career as a chef. Artworks
will be exhibited in the lobby of La Maison Franco-Japonaise located in Ebisu, Tokyo.

art salon vol.2

Art Salon Vol.2
August 7 – August 12, 2013 11am – 7pm
Private Preview Opening August 7, 2013 6pm – 8pm
Evening Party August 8, 2013 6pm – 8pm

Giant Mango is pleased to announce “Art Salon Vol.2″ to be held at Azabujuban, Tokyo.
Artworks by 6 Japanese Contemporary Artists will be exhibited.
Private Preview Opening will be held on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 6pm to 8pm.

Artists: Tetsutaro Komago / Kiyomi Maruyama / Mayumi Mukaidaira /
Mika Noguchi / Yu Sora / Yoshito Taketani /

2013 Kaohsiung Design Festival SeeD Exhibition

Giant Mango will be participating in 2013 Kaohsiung Design Festival SeeD Exhibition, a leading
exhibition co-curated with 25TOGO Design which will be held in the The Pier-2 Art Center in the
city of Kaohsiung Taiwan from 5th July to 29th September. Our space titled “MY! GIANT MANGO!
will consist of an exhibition space, art & design shop, and workshop area.

Ai Morita / Mao Ooishi / Natsuko Tatsumi / Sato Ten / BlockingWood / Mayumi Tsuzuki /
Okada Mariko / Tamaho Togasaki / Ichitaro Suzuki / Naoshi / Ryohei Tanaka /

Young Art Taipei 2013

Giant Mango will be participating in Young Art Taipei (YAT), a hotel art fair which will be held in the
Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel from 17th May to 19th May. YAT is the very first and the most distinctive
contemporary art fair in Asia that focuses on young artists under the age of 45. This year will be its
5th anniversary and YAT aims to create a delicate and elegant contemporary art platform for galleries,
curators, artists, collectors and visitor.

art salon hillside terrace

Art Salon Hillside Terrace
April 20, 2013 4pm – 9pm
April 21, 2013 10am – 7pm
Reception April 20, 2013 6pm – 8pm

A two-day Art Salon Exhibition held at C-Gallery located in Daikanyama Hillside Terrace.
A selection of new works by 7 Japanese and 1 International contemporary artists will be exhibited.
A reception will be held on Saturday, April 20 from 6pm to 8pm.

Artists: BlockingWood / Camomile Hixon / Chiaki Akada / Mariko Okada /
Mayumi Tsuzuki / Narimi Ochi / Tamaho Togasaki / Yoichi Kayama /


Jumping Out of the Pages, New Creations
March 12 – March 21, 2013 10am – 7:30pm

Many artists today work as illustrators for magazines, books, and the like. And via the pages of these
publications, while they take on the role of visual communicators, they are at the same time expressing
their unique worldview as artists. With this theme, we present to you an art exhibition featuring five
talented artists who have bright futures ahead of them.
The art here exhibits all sorts of styles, from pieces that while quaint and precious have within them
a certain maliciousness, creating a mysterious fusion; to fleeting landscapes painted in acryllic; to
three-dimensional sculpture made out of clay, going beyond just flat surfaces. They are all unique
productions with original approaches. And thanks to this freedom with which the artists create their
works, they are able to express their idiosyncratic individuality.
At this exhibition, we have included original works that have been featured in published work, two- and
three-dimensional art, collages, and so on, all available to view and purchase. We hope that you enjoy
the art on display here, and perhaps find pieces with which you personally connect. We hope that you will
have the time to visit and be a part of this exhibition, where you can share the time and space with these
creative works.


Akinori Tanaka Solo Exhibition
January 30 – February 5, 2013 10am – 8pm
Talk Show February 2, 2013 2pm – 2:30pm

A Taste of French Cuisine In Painting
Beginning with Les Cristallines in Tokyo’s Aoyama, owner and chef Akinori Tanaka has opened French
restaurants in the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts of Japan’s capital, as well. Tanaka began painting with
the idea of decorating his own restaurants. The paintings feature fun uses of his knowledge from his career
as a chef. For his second solo exhibition at Isetan, Tanaka has a new outlook on his work, and is now for
the first time showing paintings that feature restaurant cuisine and real cooking tools and utensils.